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That Damn Wind: Ode to a Minnesota Ghost

(For Tom Graham) 2017 Mike CohenWindy winter night And your head’s not quite right, And the vigor inside you is receding, In the mirror by the stairs, It is unruly gray hairs That your tired eyes are seeing.You’ve tried to stay fit, Worked at your wit, But often your juice isn’t flowing. Because the things you try, And the stuff you buy, Doesn’t tell you where you should be going.You work through your head, But it leaves you numb instead, Sometimes your kindness stops showing, And you feel separate and apart, As if something turned off your heart, And your mind like cut grass has stopped growing.Are your ideals clichéd or stale? Have your feet strayed off the trail? Is the world sadly unchanged? Seems it’s war after war, (No why or what the fighting’s for,) Are the borders just rearranged?And the kids won’t march, Have they lost all their starch? (Most likely they just stopped caring.) It’s at I Pads they stroke, And at I phones they poke, And at screens everywhere they are staring.The poor don’t have a chance, The rich own the dance, Do you know which side you should be sharing? The sky’s gray with [...]

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How To Take: A Guitar Lesson

2017 Mike Cohen In 1966 I didn't really even know what to call Bill Warshal, my father in law to be. Should I say Mr. Warshal? Bill seemed disrespectful. “Mr. Bill,” his moniker at the family business, Warshal's Sporting goods, was no better. His intra family title, ‘Fazio’ or ‘Faz?’ Out of the question. I mean how could you talk man to man with a person you addressed as “Fazio”? Maybe it was just “Dad.” My fiancé, Laurie, his doting daughter was of no help either. He was just ‘Faz’ to her. The issue of names surfaced when I went on the hunt for a new guitar. Just out of the Air Force, about to start a new job at Boeing (big money - four hundred take home a month) I wanted to reward myself with a new guitar despite that after four years on college and six months in the Air Force, I was basically broke. The Warshal’s had cousins who owned a music store, Meyers Music on Seattle’s First Avenue. My fiancée Laurie prompted her dad (Mr. Bill, Faz?) to take me there to seek a new affordable guitar. On the appointed day and hour I arrived [...]

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News August 1,2018 My short story collection The Three of Us is available on Amazon. The publisher says early buys and reviews would be of real help in getting reviews. Any help would be appreciated. Here’s the link News July 5,2018 I am thrilled to announced the release of “The Three of Us” a collection of my short stories. If you want a preview, the book publisher Adelaide Books has posted the prologue on its website adelaidebooks.org News April 22,2018 Three of my short stories are now available in print: -“The Cantor’s WIndow ” anthologized by Adelaide Press 2018 Voices Anthology -“The Time I got an Oak Leaf sticker in Printing” anthologized in American Writers Review Anthology Both Anthologies on Amazon - “I wrote A Poem for My Friend’s Wedding” now posted on The Penman Review! Go to Published Stories to read! - My story “She Said the Paint Job’s Cool” will appear in the FURIOUS GAZELLE on July 13 Finally I have posted That Damn Wind: Ode to a Minnesota Ghost, my tribute to a friend with Huntington’s, the disease suffered by Woody Guthrie who Bob Dylan so brilliantly venerated in Song to Woody and Last Thoughts. Please take [...]

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Fiction Writing: Consumed by a Thought

Mike Cohen 2017 A consuming thought in your head: that’s where writing a book begins. Writing a book involves a compulsion, a driving need to demonstrate what happens when a person or persons are seized with a need to act. Inside any story, the universe begins with conduct, after all. In this sense all novels begin with an expression of a mystery even to the writer. Who knows what is going to happen and how it will turn out? What is at stake? What will be the consequence? If a thought or an idea consumes you, the writer, keep it a secret. Chatting on the bus and simply summarizing the consequence of some particular behavior doesn’t begin the process of storytelling because starting with the consequence is backward. Do not tell anyone what’s obsessing you; write the book. Once you organize and articulate a thought out loud or in writing the book need not come into existence. That is why we have essays. The essayist’s job is to take out the mystery and the confusion of a story. Exploring an idea in an essay casts cause and effect in concrete. The backbone of a novel is a journey to [...]

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